Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maintenance Spankings

My wife and I have a loving, happy wife led marriage, and she controls all areas including Finances, Free time, she assigned me to do 90% of the household chores, she controls my orgasms and our sex life, and controls our life direction. We are both extremely happy with the way things are working out. We recently discussed the possibility of adding weekly "maintenance spankings" as a way of her emphasizing her authority on an on-going basis. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?


  1. Hi Robert
    Do they work? I would say that it depends on what you want to achieve. If you are excited by, or get fulfilment from, being spanked, paddled or caned on a regular basis and your wife is a willing partner to this side of you, then I would say that Maintenance Spankings are a good way forward.
    They will add to your FLR life and provided you both agree that they will happen on a regular basis (weekly or bi- weekly) then they can easily be accommodated into a busy household like yours.
    Give it a go and good luck.
    Michael M

  2. Welcome to blogging. I know there are many men in the blogosphere who can give you excellent advice on this subject.


  3. Hello and welcome Robert. I know Maintenance Spankings can work for some.


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  5. Hi I just added you to my blog, welcome, I hope to see you around for a long time.


  6. Welcome Robert. I'm looking forward to your blog. If you had asked me six weeks or so ago whether maintenance sessions work I'd have said yes. We had employed weekly maintenance punishments for some time and our regime was working very well. The reason it worked for us was that it took away the uncertainty from both sides as to when was the right time to cane or not cane. Should faults be punished immmediately, should there be a regular punishment night, should faults be totted up? We did away with all that and 8.00pm Thursday night became maintenance punihsment night with a set 36 strokes of the cane. If Thursday was out of question it would be the nearest night avaialble - and we set that after consulting our respective diaries at the start of each week. Any other serious issues were dealt with at the time. It was all working because we both knew exactly where we stood. That was until I had a blip (details on our blog) but we're now working to get back to the maintenance sessions because we both knew how well they worked - and have noticed the difference with out them (and I don't mean simply my bottom is clear of stripes for a change!).

  7. I am sorry to tell you that they are essential, most men just have to accept that they need them. Personally I also find that shaving a man's genitals and chest reminds him that he is in submission to me, and smooth balls pop in and out of lady's mouth much more pleasantly. It also reminds him that he is my BOY, and I am in charge. Honestly, why do guys forget the time and let women down if it isn't a way of asking for a thrashing?

  8. Maintenance is important. I thought originally it was purely for the woman to continually re-assert her authority, until my other disciplining half told me "Your get maintenance to keep you aware of your duty to me and to keep you aware of how much you are loved".

  9. Hi Robert,Yes I`ve had my maintenance spank for nearly 40yrs every monday ,its just like bath night or having your haircut you get it wether you want it or not.The good woman just goes to the cupboard and I trot along behind her,I get whatever is due tears everywhere then the cuddling begins,It does show you where you stand or kneel also obedience davetouchingtoes .

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